In the laboratory and astrophysical plasmas, a variety of atomic processes such as photo-excitation and ionization, electron-impact excitation and ionization, heavy particle impact excitation, ionization and charge transfer, etc are existed. The knowledge of these atomic processes is essential for the simulations and diagnostics on plasma properties. This joint seminar provides a good chance for the researchers, who are working in the fields of atomic and molecular physics and plasma physics, to exchange their recent progress and discuss the future collaborations, especially, motivated by China and Japan scientists.

The topics of seminar will include:

  • Spectroscopic properties of atoms and molecules in plasma
  • Atomic collision dynamics
  • Plasma simulation and diagnostics
  • Atomic and molecular process in boundary plasmas and erosion dynamics in plasma wall interaction
  • Atomic and molecular data assessment and database construction

These series seminar held at Lanzhou, China in 2004, Dunhuang, China in 2007, and Xian China in 2009 organized by  College of Physics and Electronic Engineering, Northwest Normal University.

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